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Marine ply is pretty expensive. Is that what you use to ensure waterproofing? 2018-03-29T15:55:11+10:00

No, marine ply is not required. The size and thickness of the ply depends on the rafter and truss sizes and their spacing. The waterproofing layer prevents any water or moisture affecting the plywood.

How do I get a price for roofing with asphalt shingles? 2018-03-29T15:55:38+10:00

Present your house plans to All American Roofing and we can calculate area and roof pitch. From the plans we can provide a competitive price that includes all the parts and accessories required to roof your home with our asphalt shingles.

Are American Shingles manufactured in Australia? 2018-03-29T15:52:02+10:00

No, the manufacturing plant is in the USA. There are almost 30 plants across the US with GAF’s headquarters in New Jersey.

The demand for shingles in Australia at the moment is not enough to have them made here. Hopefully that will change over time and we can supply Australian Made.

How can you supply shingle roofs across three states but be located only in Melbourne? 2018-03-29T15:52:37+10:00

We have a network of fully trained roofing contractors across the three states at the moment. That enables us to connect with customers to provide a first class service with regards to supply and install.

Why are American asphalt shingles a cheaper alternative to standard terracotta and cement roof tiles? 2018-03-29T15:53:48+10:00

It’s to do with the weight. A square metre of laid shingles weighs significantly less than a square metre of terracotta or cement tiles. That means the roof needs less support structurally and that means less timber used in trusses and rafters. It can also affect the design and number of internal load bearing walls.

How do you actually lay the shingles on the roof? 2018-03-29T15:54:32+10:00

Initially, plywood sheeting is used to cover the roof. Over the plywood, we then adhere waterproof sheeting. The shingles are then fastened to the sheeting using flat-headed roofing nails.

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