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All American Roofing is based in the leafy suburb of Greensborough in Melbourne. However, we provide roofing advice, service, and installation in all areas of Metro Melbourne, the Sydney suburbs as far down as Wollongong, and of course Brisbane which includes the Sunshine Coast.


Melbourne is a fascinating place to live and visit and is also considered to be the ‘heart’ of Australia. Diverse cultures, business, and recreation have created many interlocking communities within the city.

Melbourne nightlife attracts both young and old and its beaches are clean and easily accessible. In the greater metropolitan area of Melbourne, housing construction continues, particularly in the Western Corridor. Shingle roofing is beginning to appear in many new developments.

Melbourne has been around for a couple of hundred years, and many of the older style houses will need roof replacement to make them look fresh and new. The use of shingles as an alternative roofing material to tiles is growing as homeowners want to try a different look.

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Sydney offers a fantastic lifestyle and its continuous appeal to our Asian neighbours as well as from the UK and Europe has ranked the city 10th out of 40 top cities. Sydney has some of the best healthcare in the world, first-class educational facilities with universities, schools, and colleges, the Sydney climate is pleasant, the coastline is full of beautiful, pristine beaches, pollution is not an issue, and then there’s Sydney Harbour.

Sydney also has some large housing projects planned and already underway. Similar to Melbourne, residential development is happening to existing properties as well as it being time for replacement of roofs on the older properties. Shingle roofing is making a statement in Sydney and suburbs as well. Both re-roofing projects and new roofing projects alike are offering shingle installations which are proving to be quite popular.

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The 2018 Commonwealth Games will be held in Brisbane and that means billions will be spent in preparation for athletes and spectators, providing first-class facilities, accommodation, and showcasing Brisbane and Queensland for those visitors who will stay longer to take in the natural wonders of the country.

If beach style living is your thing then you are spoiled for choices. Experience South East Queensland’s hinterland. There you will find rainforests, farmland, bush and plenty of Australian wildlife. Travel further north and you can visit the Great Barrier Reef.

There seems to be no end to the plans that are in place for development with much of it centered around South East Queensland, an area that contains the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Queenslanders are changing from tiled and tin roofing to shingles which give a property that distinctive look.

Regardless of where you live, check out All American Roofing and the shingle roofing it offers as something a little different for your home. Features such as weatherproofing, fire retardant, algae protection and up to a 50-year warranty make shingles a very clever alternative.

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